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Someone rightly said, “What is meant to be, will always find its way.”  This is exactly how the journey of M Farms began. It has been a journey of fate, love and passion. What began as a supplier of a single product, is one of India’s leading supplier today. M Farms is now a full-fledged team with hands-on experience and knowledge. With their large-scale order capabilities and a wide range of fresh produce, M Farms products are now easily available to you.


The Journey of M Farms

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2015 – When The Idea Was Sown

Destiny had big plans for a small-town boy from Kadapa district. It brought him as an angel for farmers of the district. With an initial plan of hydroponic farming, Pavan Reddy approached the horticulture department for more details on the same.

When he was turning back in no hope, there was a knock on his door. The director of the department was impressed by his knowledge and past experience. He asked Pavan to lend his hand in marketing color capsicum produced by the farmers. Marketing the produce was a huge issue for the farmers leading to low income.

While he had no plans of getting into this field, there was something that pulled him towards it. Moved by the plight of farmers in his own district he found his way to a greater purpose in life.

Rayalaseema, a place where it is now raining sand, was once covered with millet cultivation. But in this drought-prone region, it was either no rain or too much rain. Increase in global temperature and loss of crops created a human toll and intensified the farming crisis.

This is when use of greenhouse for production was encouraged. The greenhouse helped farmers produce in ideal environment and with minimum water. It was also time for them to
look at alternatives of cash crops and monocultures.

This is when capsicum, a cool season crop, was introduced. Yet another challenge was the selling of yield. This is when Pavan decided to stand up for the farmers and help them sell the exotic capsicum. In this process, Pavan came across the high profit margins of the retailers and was taken aback.

The story of M Farms began with supply of capsicum and to help the farmers sell their
produce. After several months of trials and errors, it was successfully traded to Russell
Market in Bangalore. Pavan had never felt this kind of satisfaction in life.

Taken by destiny, faith and motivation, Pavan decided to embark on a journey to create a positive and ecological impact on the farmers by marketing their products. He started supplying produce from farmers to retailers.

October 2015

The Ground Was Prepared

Nestled in the midst of the Nilgiri hills, Ooty was the next stop for Pavan. He researched on Ooty as a potential area to start his journey. This tiny hill station has the best conditions and is a hotspot for production of exotic fruits and vegetables in India. After a lot of research on farming, trading and marketing, a new journey began. Pavan helped the farmers in trading as well as marketing of iceberg lettuce and to make it available in the market.

November 2015

The Seed Was Sown

The seed for M Farms was now sown and there was no looking back.

Pavan collaborated with local farmers who now exclusively harvested for the supply handled by him. Keeping the price fluctuations and low demand in mind, he set out on a mission to give the farmers what was worth fully theirs. The farmers were now his extended family.

December 2015

To Irrigate Is To Grow

In partnership with yet another enthusiast – Arun Varma, a contract-based farming model was launched. M Farms as a formal entity was now born.

Through this partnership, the farmers now had a secure income. Earlier, they had to depend on seasonal rainfall for their income. They were also protected against market rate fluctuations. The team provided financial and technical support to the M Farmers.

January 2016

The First Yield

M Farms by now was an expert in quality produce of exotic vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, zucchini, Chinese cabbage, rosemary, red cabbage and celery.

M Farms was positioned to supply exotic and fresh vegetables to supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail outlets in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Not only that, they also started
supplying in tandem with varying quantities and demands of the hospitality industry.

This was their stepping stone to success.

Mid 2017

A New Harvest

With a collective effort of the farmers along with Pavan and Arun, M farms now hit a
milestone by becoming one of the leading supplier in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai,
Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam.

M Farms used sustainable measures to grow produce that was fresh and healthy.

After capturing the exotic vegetables market, the team extended its radar into commercial products. The foundation remained the same, but new products, like bananas, were introduced.

Early 2018

A Fruitful Harvest

The King of fruits was now the King of M farmers too. Besides bananas, they now
specialized and excelled in the yield of mangoes.

The branches of M farms were now bigger and stronger. The year saw the produce and
supply of 10,000 metric tonnes of papaya, muskmelon, mosambi and watermelon.

With every step, more and more farmers were benefited with a better lifestyle.

Early 2019

The Admirable Crops

The fresh produce supplied by M Farms went through meticulously crafted processes. The quality of work was well appreciated and this is when M Farms went international.

The year marked their first successful international supply of melons and mangoes to Dubai.

October 2019

To Grow Together

M Farms was now a full-fledged team with hands-on experience and knowledge.

They had conquered all problems that came their way. From logistical issues to climatic
changes, nothing could stop them.

They now took a step further and made it easy for their clients to get to them. They set up an e-commerce website and an app for retailers.

April & May 2020

New Seeds For New Steps

The COVID – 19 pandemic didn’t stop M Farms from supplying fresh-grown vegetables. The vegetables now travelled from farm to kitchen. They were directly supplied to customers with all safety measures taken.

The number of happy customers grew and so did M Farms. This created a new wave of
opportunity. To get the harvested vegetables to the customers while maintaining its freshness, nutrition and flavors, M Farms decided to hit another milestone by starting retail stores.

August 2020

Feel it Yourself

M Farms is all set to revolutionize through the Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO) Model. This revenue sharing model will soon have its presence pan India. With their large-scale order capabilities and a wide range of fresh produce, M Farms products are now easily available.

With this not only will you consume nutritious food, but also contribute to the benefit of the heroes of our country.

What’s ahead?

M Farms now aims to create a community for farmers and launch a magazine for them. You will also soon see an e-commerce website and a mobile app to make fresh produce accessible to the consumers.

M Farms aims and dreams to feed India and support the backbone of this country – the farmers.

The Journey Continues……

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