M Farms works directly with the local farmers to bring you a selection that is holistic, nutritious and delicious. We do not compromise on the sustainability and follow a series to practices to ensure healthy produce.

Unparalleled when it comes to quality, tastiness and variety. From your favourite go-to veggies to seasonal items to organic, local to get nutritious choices on your plate.


M Farm’s fresh veggies are unmatched when it comes to quality, taste and heterogeneity. From your go-to vegetables, seasonal grown and exotic produce, we have something for your every mood.


Tropical, Citrus, Seasonal and exotic, we have a variety of fruits for you to choose from. These colorful and tempting fruits will definitely sweeten your day.


Greens can never go wrong. These are nature’s best nutrition supplements and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Our produce goes through a meticulously crafted process to help retain the quality and freshness of the vegetables.


Looking out for fresh eggs? Then you are at the right place. Choose from classic white shelled eggs, brown shelled eggs or rich country eggs. Naturally laid, rich and full-bodied flavour eggs are exactly want you need to complete your meal.


Lure yourself into the natural sweetness of fresh honey. Avail the ultimate benefits and the healing qualities of nature’s nectar in its purest form. M Farms brings to you unprocessed and unpasteurised honey.


These tender herbs are here to enhance your dish. We at M Farms have curated the widest selection of Indian and Exotic herbs.


We provide a wide selection of breads including multigrain, focaccia, high fiber and whole wheat which are baked with love. Each bread is different and has its own unique flavour to relish.


M Farms sources milk directly from the farms. It is then pasteurized, chilled, packed for your consumption. We believe in the important part played by milk. Our product portfolio includes milk, ghee, cheese, butter and curd.


M Farms has an unmatched range of frozen vegetatrian products. These delicious packs of flavour will come handy when you need to get out of kitchen real quick. Sweet corn, green peas, French fries, paneer and aloo patty and many other lip-smacking delicacies await you at our store.

Nuts & Seeds

M Farms has an extensive collection of almonds, cashew nuts, figs, pistachios, walnut and many more. With healthy food being on everyone’s mind, what better than satisfying your craving with these nutritious bites.

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